a memorial fund honoring Mike Traut, co-founder and former Tails President

From the tips of our paws to the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and your desire to keep Mike’s mission and spirit alive!

One irrefutable fact about Mike is that he never said no to any cat that needed help.  If it needed surgery to survive, Mike would say “do it.”  If it needed to see a specialist, Mike didn’t hesitate.  If a friend called him for advice on getting care for his own cat, Mike would say “take it to West Park.”  So to honor the memory and true spirit of Mike, we have set up a special memorial fund called “Mike’s Miracles.”

Our shelter relies on donations to operate. 100% of those donations go towards helping the Tails kitties.  You read that right – 100% OF THE DONATIONS WE RECEIVE GOES TOWARDS HELPING THE KITTIES.  We have no salaries, no marketing fees, no extras/incentives.  Donations cover the essentials: such as rent, utilities, food, vet care, etc. Most cats that come into our rescue need basic vet care - vaccinations, flea treatment, spay/neuter, etc.  Between the intake and adoption fees, the average cost of a cat (who doesn’t get sick while in our care) is just about covered.  But of course, there are also many situations in which the cat is not healthy.  Whether they get hit by a car and need surgery, have dental issues, need to see a specialist for chronic URI, need to have an eye removed.  The list can go on with many other unpredictable and expensive health issues that make it difficult for a small rescue like Tails to remain financially stable.  These types of added expenses are the situations that Mike’s Miracles funds will cover.  The more money we raise, the more cats we can help – it’s that simple.    We take a chance every time we say yes to an intake request – a chance that the cat will need very expensive veterinary care.  With Mike’s Miracles funds, we don’t have to turn that cat away because we will have the money to be able to help it get treated and eventually find a home.  

Below is a list of different LEVELS OF GIVING created from examples of things we could be faced with:

SHOW ME THAT SMILE!  Dental issues = $40 - $125:  Some cats arrive with plaque build-up, severe dental disease, or require extractions of decayed teeth.  This is not an expense we want to pass on to a new adopter, nor do we want these kitties to suffer with a sore mouth.

DR. FEEL GOOD!  Specialist = $150 - $250:  This is the price for a consultation with a highly trained specialist (neurologist, opthamologist, cardiologist, etc.) when we can’t find the diagnosis/treatment/cure for symptoms after working with one of our amazing regular veterinarians, and the medicine to help cure the ailment.

LOOK OUT!  Surgery for broken bones and hospital stay = $300 - $750:  If a cat gets hit by a car, the cat will require x-rays and possibly surgery to reset broken bones or stop internal bleeding.  This will require a hospital stay to make sure everything is set before sending the cat to a loving foster home.

DOWN AND OUT!  Diagnosis and treatment of a fatal disease = $800 - $1,500:  Panleukopenia is a highly contagious, often fatal, viral disease of felines (it is similar to parvo in dogs).  It can be treated and the kitten can survive (most often found in kittens) if diagnosed quickly, but requires extensive around the clock emergency care by veterinarians and veterinary technicians.  The kitten will need intravenous antibiotics, fluids, and can spike a fever.  They can develop issues quickly and that can turn fatal if not caught in time.

We have been faced with each one of these situations in the past.  These are the cats that any small rescue would be concerned taking in, but Mike would never hesitate to help pay for these expensive treatments to save a cat’s life.  We would like to continue to help cats that need extensive care in honor of Mike, and we can’t do that without YOU!

To make a donation in honor of Mike, please click on the DONATE button below.  You may choose an amount you are comfortable with.

In July of 2016, our beloved co-founder and Tails From The City President, Mike Traut, passed away after a long battle with cancer. He spent countless hours at the shelter doing what he loved - taking care of the kitties. He would greet each volunteer that entered the shelter with a smile and fill each volunteer shift sharing stories about current events, history, The Beatles and the newest cat we had taken in. He also did whatever was needed if it was in the best interest of the cats: whether it be picking up supplies, taking a cat to the vet, or just talking on the phone for hours about the future of Tails. Anyone that was lucky enough to have known him was fortunate to have met such a kind-hearted man, and those that never got the opportunity, surely missed out on knowing someone very special. The Tails family is missing the heart of our organization, but we know he is with us in spirit in everything we do.